Top Ten Photos of 2015 #6 Maori Warrior Lady

Warrior Lady
Warrior Lady

Sharlene, the Maori Warrior Lady, is a catalyst in my view. I immediately wanted to take a photo of her but was intimidated until I came to realize how warm and softly spoken she is. I recently read a quote that said something along the lines of, ‘it’s better to be a warrior in the garden than a gardener in a war.’ Well, the wisdom of those words most definitely apply to Sharlene. She flipped my initial judgement on its head and I now know I’d want her on my side in times of trouble.

Top Ten Photos of 2015 #8 Melbourne Panorama

Melbourne Panorama
Melbourne Panorama

When clouds and landscapes meet there is always a place for interesting photography. Fifty Three floors up, I had a superlative view of the city to the north. The occasional glimpse of sun created light splashes on the concrete and canyons of the city to create this favourite Melbourne Panorama

Top Ten Photos of 2015 #10 Tasman Glacier Panorama

The end of another year has come and it’s time for reflection. As I browse my contribution to photography this year, I take note on what has happened from my viewpoint, what inspires me, how I view the world and how this worldview has changed. Change, after all, is inevitable.

Most of my year has been spent in or around Melbourne, Australia with just a couple of extended trips to New Zealand. I was once an action, adventure and landscape photographer but I’ve adapted to my surroundings (as we humans do) and developed a much bigger appreciation for shooting people, events, and cityscapes. I never realized how much I could enjoy someone else’s big event from behind the lens.

I noticed that many of my favourites are in black and white. There’s just something special and timeless about the finish of black and white that works much better.

Counting down to 2016 I’ll be bringing you one of my favourite shots every day for the next ten days.


Tasman Panorama
Tasman Glacier Panorama

The mood of the day is captured in this black and white Tasman Glacier Panorama and the Main Divide in the Southern Alps of New Zealand. A cloudy start to the day meant plenty of drama in the sky. There was very little colour in this image so the transition to black and white was easy. The Minarets and the glaciers on its flanks take centre stage.