Top Ten Photos of 2015 #1 La Perouse Glacier

Solo Adventurer
Solo Adventurer

This is my friend Jane Morris tackling some of New Zealand’s steepest crevassed terrain on the La Perouse Glacier, Aoraki Mt Cook National Park. I stopped briefly to harvest some water from a dripping icicle and continued to shoot the impressive surroundings with a perfectly placed model moving with ease and grace.

I was glad to have the right camera with me on this adventure but it was on this trip that I decided to switch to full frame mirrorless cameras. I miss some of the features and feel of my Canon 5D mk ii, but the Sony A7 series is continuing to astound me, and I do not miss the weight.

That’s it from me for this series. Here’s to a fresh and exciting New Year wherever you are. May all your dreams and aspirations come true.

Top ten Photos of 2015 #2 Tasman Glacier

The Hand of Time
The Hand of Time

This image inspires me to ponder more than any other. I stumbled across this mummified hand midway along the Tasman Glacier and immediately thought, someone out there knows this person. This hand belonged to a young climber who was avalanched near Tasman Saddle hut more than 41 years earlier, and never recovered. He was buried under enough snow and debris to be encapsulated until his body was transported to a lower altitude to be revealed to me, almost 10 km from where he perished.

It still makes me wonder about the 19 year old climber, his life cut short and the darker side to mountaineering.


Top ten Photos of 2015 #3 St Kilda Rd

St Kilda Road
St Kilda Road

Capturing Melbourne from the rooftops at dawn has been challenging and rewarding. On this particular morning on St Kilda Rd I thought there was nothing to see, but I applied what I knew anyway and took a few shots. The moral of this story is to never underestimate the power of the blue hour when you have street lights, headlights and leading lines.

Top Ten Photos of 2015 #10 Tasman Glacier Panorama

The end of another year has come and it’s time for reflection. As I browse my contribution to photography this year, I take note on what has happened from my viewpoint, what inspires me, how I view the world and how this worldview has changed. Change, after all, is inevitable.

Most of my year has been spent in or around Melbourne, Australia with just a couple of extended trips to New Zealand. I was once an action, adventure and landscape photographer but I’ve adapted to my surroundings (as we humans do) and developed a much bigger appreciation for shooting people, events, and cityscapes. I never realized how much I could enjoy someone else’s big event from behind the lens.

I noticed that many of my favourites are in black and white. There’s just something special and timeless about the finish of black and white that works much better.

Counting down to 2016 I’ll be bringing you one of my favourite shots every day for the next ten days.


Tasman Panorama
Tasman Glacier Panorama

The mood of the day is captured in this black and white Tasman Glacier Panorama and the Main Divide in the Southern Alps of New Zealand. A cloudy start to the day meant plenty of drama in the sky. There was very little colour in this image so the transition to black and white was easy. The Minarets and the glaciers on its flanks take centre stage.

Video collage

Here’s a video collage of some of my guiding and climbing exploits. I feel that Guiding and Photography go hand in hand. They constantly challenge me and the rewards for the effort can often be huge.


Check out this footage.

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